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Here it is – the EJECT annual photo 2020!

Jahresfoto 2020
Perhaps not as extensive as in previous years, but for that we became aware of crucial:
The music and our band is very important to us.

Sometimes it is only through a gap that it becomes clear what is missing and provides a balance in the often stressful everyday life.

Even if the 9 cancelled concerts and the renewed line-up change at the vocals were formative, we would like to remember above all the beautiful moments of the year 2020.
First of all our release party, which took place at the beginning of the year. Some of you were there and made the concert a personal highlight for us.

Having learned from the circumstances of the unusual year, we are now looking cautiously, but nevertheless optimistically into the new year, eager to see what is in front for us.

Last but not least we wish you of course a pleasant new year!
Take care of yourselves! :)

News 2020-12-30

The EJECT-Release-Party

Release Party
At the beginning of February the time had finally come – the release concert for our first own EP!

After months full of preparations, efforts and anticipation we were excited. Each of us had his or her own idea of how the evening should go – that your and also our expectations were exceeded in retrospect makes us quite proud.

We were particularly pleased with the good mood of the more than 100 spectators and the consistently positive feedback after the performance. We are now building on that. Thank you for your support.

Here you can read our report of the concert.

News 2020-03-03

– T H U N D E R S T O R M –

Cover EP
Almost 10 months have passed since the first studio recordings. A lot has happened in that time. We were able to gain some new experiences and thus develop ourselves further as a band.

We ourselves can hardly believe that the time has finally come today. But – THUNDERSTORM – our first own EP is now available! :)

► download & stream:

You like the songs and you want to hear them live?
Then come spontaneously to our release party in the Gütersloh “Die Weberei”, Werk 2. Admission is tonight at 7:00, starting at 7:30.
A few tickets are still available at the box office (4 €) – it’s worth being quick.
We are looking forward to seeing you! :)

News 2020-02-07


The moment we’ve waited so long for, full of anticipation, has come.

Our single is now available on all popular streaming platforms!

We still can’t quite believe it.
– That what was a dream a few years ago is now reality.
After months of creativity, fun and excitement, we’re finally sharing the final result with you.
We hope you like “Thunderstorm” as much as we do! :)
► Musicproduction: Stefan Wolharn
► Videoproduction: Johann Schindler
► Mastering: Skyline Tonfabrik GmbH

Music & Lyrics: © Maximilian Schröder

“Departure into a musical future”
We – Tim (bass), Ermina (vocals), Laura (drums) and Max (guitar) – are EJECT from Gütersloh!
The music direction goes to rock, more precisely, indie rock. Music away remote of mainstream.

Our motto: More and more, better and better, inspiring the audience and sweeping them away into a world where everything is possible.

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Switch off, forget negative thoughts and negative feelings for a moment. Relax through music and focus on the positive again.

– That’s what the band stands for, that’s what our music stands for, that’s what we stand for.




Guitar, Vocal, Drums, Accordion


Drums, Guitar, Vocal