EJECT – Musikschulfest 2017

Musikschulfest Artikelbild
© Alina Danisch

The musicschool party 2017 was organized of the “Musikschule für den Kreis Gütersloh” and took place in the theatre Gütersloh. As already two years ago we have played there with EJECT as a former musicschool-project, we have been until 2014.
We played our own songs Vision, Here we are, Never leave the best and Carry on.
We had our gig between an accordeon orchestra, a piano/flute-duet, a fluet ensemble and a piano/vocal-duo. EJECT was the alternative program with rather classical music there to an afternoon of course.
Due to some greater events which took place in Gütersloh at the same time, there wasn’t as much audience as two years ago. Nevertheless we were happy with the gig and the whole afternoon.

Pictures from “Musikschulfest 2017”