EJECT – biography

EJECT-Logo Biographie
©Maximilian Schröder

“Departure in a musical future”

EJECT comes from Gütersloh (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) and consists of the 4 band members Laura (drums), Marie (vocal), Max (guitar) and Tim (bass).
The music direction goes to rock with influences from pop, funk, and blues.

Our motto:
even more, even better and the audience shall be filled with enthusiasm.

“A varied young band you shouldn’t miss”

2011 – 2014
We started in November 2011 as a band project of the Kreismusikschule Gütersloh. During this project musicians reached and left the band. Max started in this (coached from music teachers) project and is still a member of the band.
At 1 May 2014 we played our first official gig with the band name “EJECT”. We have considered us 5 founder members even if we appeared with 7 musicians, because 2 of us wanted to leave the band project at this time.
This year we played most largely on small events, like private celebrations or at Open Days.
With our first own song Here we are we wanted to hand in the statement to our concert highlight in 2014 at the Campus: We will start now!

“It is to inspire the audience, and on a sustainable basis”

We have concentrated on composing our own songs in 2015. We wanted to develop and create a basis for coming concerts with that.
With our first gig we’ve got much attention. With inquiries for further concerts we could this one hold up even to 2016.
The highlight in 2015 was the musicschool party at the theater in Gütersloh. This has earned us a very positive mentioning in the newspaper.
However, 2015 was also a year with ups and downs because a first greater change was coming to us. 2 musicians left the band. Tim took the bass guitar as of summer.
At this time we wrote Carry on. He told us that it still can be looking up despite all difficulties.

“Mated with convincing guitar solos and tight rhythm the audience was encouraged for celebrating”

This year started with many gigs and some newspaper articles about EJECT.
This not-get further at 2 bandcontests and a renewed change didn’t stop us from playing music with enthusiasm.
A highlight was the gig with our new drummer Laura at Verler Leben in summer.
Another highlight was a gig with our new singer: The homeconcert of our MBX-tour through Ostwestfalen with our new song EJECT!

“We keep on rockin’…”

With some bigger concerts we had a great way to enter the band. Since the beginning of September we play with Marie as our new singer.