EJECT – Acoustic Session 2019

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© Alina Danisch

Acoustic Session 2019

Acoustic Session 2019: Our third acoustic session at the Brauhaus in Gütersloh was very versatile this time. The last performance in February 2016 was with a completely different band line-up.
With our songs “Thunderstorm”, “Nothing else matters” (for the first time) and “Lemon tree” we have given everything. Laura changed from the bell-ring to the guitar and then to the cajon, Max changed the guitar in the meantime with the accordion.
The three songs were very well received, especially “Nothing else matters”. We have interpreted the song in our own way and will keep it in our program. :)
The announcement of the 100th Acoustic Session can be found here.
The next performance will take place at the Spring Festival in Everswinkel on 28 April.