Tuesday, 25. June 2019


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EJECT – Infinity

Infinity - See a light The song is a difficult time. Being pessimistic and not knowing what to do next accompanies you. But to continue,...
Open Air Probe EJECT Artikelbild

EJECT – Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm - Dancing in the light "Thunderstorm" is about two people from different parts of the world. Both have one thing in common: the thunderstorm....
Max, Laura, Tim

EJECT – Wo ist die Zeit

Wo ist die Zeit? - Lehne dich zurück "Wo ist die Zeit?" is the first own song written by Laura. At this song Laura is the...
EJECT By my side

EJECT – By my side

By my side - friendship stays This song is about heights and depths in a friendship. You know him, a friend who you know already...
EJECT Vision

EJECT – Vision

Vision - the song "Vision" results from a teamwork. We divided us into two groups to write two different songs (This one and "By my...
EJECT Here we are!

EJECT – Here we are!

Here we are - the beginning "Here we are! (Everything is possible)" is the first song of us. This was developed in a community project...