We – Tim (Bass), Franzi (vocal), Laura (drums) and Max (guitar) – are EJECT from Gütersloh!
Switch off, forget negative thoughts and negative feelings for a moment. Relax through music and focus on the positive again.

– That’s what the band stands for, that’s what our music stands for, that’s what we stand for.

EJECT – negative vibes out, music in.
Our aim is to reach the audience with our music, to remind them of the beautiful things in life, to convey fun and joy.

A guide that helps us to realize this?

>>More and more, better and better, inspiring the audience and sweeping them away into a world where everything is possible<<

FranziEJECT: vocal
In the band since: December 2021
Further instruments: Influences:
Favorite song of EJECT:
Equipment: Shure SM 58 LC
What does Franzi outside the band:

EJECT: drums, guitar, vocal
In the band since: April 2016
Further instruments: Keyboard, Organ
Influences: Beatles, Sabaton, Green day, Pan!c at the Disco, Status Quo, Disturbed, Red hot Chili Pepper
Music-style: Rock
Favorite song of EJECT: Never leave the best
Equipment: Bass Drum 18″ x 16″ | Tom Tom 10″ x 08″ & 12″ x 09″ | Stand Tom 14″ x 14″ | Snare Drum 14″ x 5,5″| Paiste PST7 Hi-Hat 14″ | Paiste PST7 Crash 14″ & 16″ | Paiste PST7 Ride 38″ 20″
What does Laura outside the band: “I did graduate from high school in the summer of 2016. I then successfully completed my apprenticeship as a warehouse logistics specialist in the summer of 2019. Besides music, I play handball for the SG Neuenkirchen-Varensell. The music means a lot to me. There’s not a moment when I don’t hear music. When I am at home, I like to play the guitar. I am very much looking forward to the further time with EJECT and I am curious what is coming up. :)”

EJECT: guitar, vocal, drums, accordeon, keyboard
In the band since: November 2011 (as a music school project, since may 2014 “EJECT”)
Further instruments: Cajon, Bassgguitar
Influences: ACDC, Bryan Adams, Maroon 5, Pur, Queen, Schürzenjäger
Music-style: Classic Rock
Favorite song of EJECT: Carry on
Equipment: Duesenberg Starplayer TV Blue Sparkle | Music Man Armada Balboa Blue Flame | Gibson SG | Martin Akustik Gitarre | Line6 Pod HD500X | Shure SM 58 LC
What does Max outside the band: “Music is my life. That is why this is a focal point in my life, because without music nothing works for me. Furthermore I can get enthusiastic about technical work on the computer (my completed education). Another task, which is long-term and very exciting for me, is the homepage, which I have prepared and also work on from the beginning. Sport is a small side effect in my free time. My goal is to reach perfection. No matter if it is about the songs, the band promotion or the organisation of our concerts.”

EJECT: Bassguitar
In the band since: June 2015
Further instruments: Acoustic guitar, acoustic bassguitar, ukulele
Influences: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Green Day, Billy Talent, Slayer
Music-style: Classic Rock, Reggae, Metal
favorite song of EJECT: Vision
Equipment: ESP LTD B-206SM STBLKS | Fender Squier Precision | Hughes&Kettner BK200 | Sennheiser Evolution wireless G3
What does Tim outside the band: “I successfully completed my training as an automotive mechatronics engineer in January. I also enjoy doing sports, meeting friends and going to festivals to broaden my musical horizon.”