EJECT – biography

Biographie EJECT
© Alina Danisch

The EJECT-Biography

“Departure into a musical future”

The Band EJECT from Gütersloh (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) consists of the 5 band members (from left) Tim (bass guitar), Ermina (vocal), Laura (drums), Angelika (vocal) and Max (Guitar).
The musical direction goes to rock, with influences from pop, funk and blues.

For many, EJECT stands for the ejection of media, including CDs. For the tape EJECT has the meaning to switch off and come down. Throw out the negative thoughts, the stress or the everyday problems and relax or rock with their music and recognize the fun in life and positive things.
This is what the band EJECT stands for and they try to inspire their audience with their music at every concert. The music should not be fun just for the audience, but also for the musicians. Because only by having fun with the songs the spark can jump over to the audience.

More and more, better and better and the audience should be thrilled.

2011 – 2014 „a versatile young band that you can’t miss“

In November 2011 a band project of the Kreismusikschule Gütersloh started. During this project musicians came and left the band again and again. This project was coached by music school teacher. Max started with it and is still involved today.
At 1 Mai 2014 the band played their first official concert with the name “EJECT. With their first own song Here we are and the first big concert in the restaurant Campus in Verl the band broke away from the music school and started to go their own way.

2015 “The aim is to inspire the audience, and to do so in a sustainable way.”

This year EJECT concentrated on composing their own songs. They wanted to develop themselves further and create a basis for upcoming concerts. But it was also a year with ups and downs, as the first big change was approached. 2 musicians left the band and made room for Tim, who then took over the bass guitar. At this time the song Carry on was written, which says that despite all difficulties it can still go up.

2016 „Good mood music with fast rhythms and quite serious lyrics“

This year started with many gigs. Despite another change at the drums and vocals, it had to go on. With Laura on drums the band played their biggest concert so far. The performance on the Verler Leben.

2017 „Eject’s strength lies in the diversity of its program“

Also this year started with a change of vocals and ended with a change again. In between, a band image as an upcoming band was driven and a production of their own CD was initiated.

2018 „We go on“

After two years with many changes, the change of vocals with Angelika and Ermina should be the last one. The repertoire was newly learned and the atmosphere was captured at concerts to estimate the own potential better. The plans for a studio album have been pushed forward and a pre-production gives hope for a lot more in 2019.

2019 „The first EP“