19. Februar 2016, Die Glocke

Some voices and quotations which have appeared in magazines, newspapers, internet, etc. are listed here:

March 2017, Neue Westfälische
“Eject’s strength consists in the variety of the program: rock, pop, funk, rockn’n roll and blues produces an interesting song-mix”.

February 2016, SPH-Bandcontest
“The voice of the young song talent was bedded down expertly in a busy indie-rock and awarded quiet special note to the quartet. Mated with convincing guitar solos […] the audience was encouraged for celebrating […]. “

19 February 2016, Die Glocke:
“Good mood music […] with fast rhythm and quite serious lyrics.”
“It is to inspire the audience, and on a sustainable basis.”

14 September 2015, Facebook-Side of Eyepoint-Music:
“In addition, they perform their own songs […] and thus ensure good mood and atmosphere.”
“So, it is time to make them widely known.”

14 June 2015, Die Glocke:
“Just great as the band […] with singer Melissa presented the song ‘Never Leave the Best’.”
“Crowd puller: Not only the band ‘Eject’ […] knew how to convince.”

16 Mai 2015, Lange Nacht der Kunst:
“With different gigs […] the band filled her audience with enthusiasm[…].”

February 2015, Carl Media:
“[…] work […] diligently and also as well full of determination on their career.”
” Within many hours […] and months the combo created the perfect basis for independent and productive band work together with their coaches.”
“The band has understood how to do it.”
“Our tip: keep EJECT in mind!”

18 October 2014, Campus:
“[…] a varied young band you shouldn’t miss.”

17 October 2014, Die Glocke:
“[…] Departure in a musical future […].”
“‘Here we are’ as the first number of their own comes in a rocky garment.”