Gütersloh TV

The last gig as annual account lined up for us in the middle of December.
This time we went to an interview at the Internet transmitter of Gütersloh TV with a new result of “GT:Rockt”. The interview was turned in the musicstore “Musikgalerie” in Gütersloh.
EJECT was introduced as a band with their members and a couple of backgrounds declared the band. The content was, what a kind of music we play, which puts intention behind this and what we want to achieve with the music.
“Sweet Home Alabama” was played in addition and “Vision” introduced as an own song written more newly. “Vision” is a composed rock song which it is about composing songs.

The work for the interview lasted for almost four hours. The lights and cameras were built up at this time and there was a sound check for the microphones and the instruments. For us it was the first interview in great and professional dealing.

This interview was taken as a presentation for the magazine “Carl” where EJECT adorned a double page in February.
On the Youtube-channel of Gütersloh TV and on the homepage of Carl the video can be seen.