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Freitag18 EJECT 1

We have waited a long time to play in front of a big audience again. At the same time this was also the first performance of our new singer Franzi as well as the concert for our new single “Save the world”.

Good weather on the day of the performance, great atmosphere, great music – Franzi’s debut was a success.
Next stop: summer festival in Avenwedde-Bahnhof! ;)

News 2022-05-18

Save the world! 🌍

Save the world Cover

Next Friday, May 6th, we will not only play the opening concert at Freitag18, but also present you our new studio song “Save the world”! 🔥
With power and explosive content – saving the world, fighting the climate crisis – we are back after more than 2 years. Look forward to a drum/bass intro, our new singer Franzi and a great guitar solo!
“Save the world” on Spotify and Co. – see you at Freitag18! ✌️
Graphics: ©Alina Danisch

News 2022-04-30

The IHK-Bestenehrung 2021!

IHK Bestenehrung 2021 3

For 20 months, almost to the day, we waited for a performance. Then the time had finally come – EJECT live at the IHK Bestenehrung 2021!

The occasion was the awarding of the most successful apprenticeship graduates in the chamber district of the IHK Ostwestfalen zu Bielefeld. Our task was to provide musical accompaniment between various interviews and the presentation of certificates.

News 2021-10-18


The moment we’ve waited so long for, full of anticipation, has come.

Our single is now available on all popular streaming platforms!

We still can’t quite believe it.
– That what was a dream a few years ago is now reality.
After months of creativity, fun and excitement, we’re finally sharing the final result with you.
We hope you like “Thunderstorm” as much as we do! :)
► Musicproduction: Stefan Wolharn
► Videoproduction: Johann Schindler
► Mastering: Skyline Tonfabrik GmbH

Music & Lyrics: © Maximilian Schröder

“Departure into a musical future”
We – Franzi (vocals), Laura (drums), Max (guitar) and Tim (bass) – are EJECT from Gütersloh!
The music direction goes to rock, more precisely, indie rock. Music away remote of mainstream.

Our motto: More and more, better and better, inspiring the audience and sweeping them away into a world where everything is possible.

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Switch off, forget negative thoughts and negative feelings for a moment. Relax through music and focus on the positive again.

– That’s what the band stands for, that’s what our music stands for, that’s what we stand for.




Guitar, Vocal, Drums, Accordion, Keyboard


Drums, Guitar, Vocal, Keyboard