Some voices and quotations which have appeared in magazines, newspapers, internet, etc. are listed here:

EJECT Mittwochs in Verl Westfalenblatt
3 October 2019, die Glocke
Juni 2022, Die Glocke
“Creative, how they arrange their songs.”
February 2020, MusikNah
“For us a young band with very good potential and a lot of fire.”
January 2020, Die Glocke
“Gütersloh band on course for success”
“If you like easygoing […] indie rock with hard guitar sounds and unmistakable […] vocals, this music is just right for you.”
“”Eject” has enough talent and potential”
January 2020, WDR 2, Szene im Westen
“You voted Eject to the best band in the west […].”
“”Eject” from Gütersloh wants to make rock music great again”
January 2020, Clio69 Musicworld
“Perfectly intoned two-part singing by the front women [. . . ]. EJECT have found their musical style. They risk a lot instrumentally and thus bring a new sound to pop music. Thunderstorm lets us linger at the pits and you can let your soul dangle.”
December 2019, Sounds&Books
“The […] quintet is dedicated to a highly melodic rock sound, which builds on the classic instruments guitar, bass, drums and is carried by two female lead vocals.”
October 2019, Die Glocke
“The indie rockers of EJECT have among other their current song “Save the world”, which thematized the climate protection, in their repertoire.”.
March 2017, Neue Westfälische
“Eject’s strength consists in the variety of the program: rock, pop, funk, rockn’n roll and blues produces an interesting song-mix”.
February 2016, SPH-Bandcontest
“The voice of the young song talent was bedded down expertly in a busy indie-rock and awarded quiet special note to the quartet. Mated with convincing guitar solos […] the audience was encouraged for celebrating […]. “
19 February 2016, Die Glocke
“Good mood music […] with fast rhythm and quite serious lyrics.” “It is to inspire the audience, and on a sustainable basis.”
14 September 2015, Facebook-Side of Eyepoint-Music
“In addition, they perform their own songs […] and thus ensure good mood and atmosphere.” “So, it is time to make them widely known.”
14 June 2015, Die Glocke
“Just great as the band […] with singer Melissa presented the song ‘Never Leave the Best’.” “Crowd puller: Not only the band ‘Eject’ […] knew how to convince.”
16 Mai 2015, Lange Nacht der Kunst
“With different gigs […] the band filled her audience with enthusiasm[…].”
February 2015, Carl Media
“[…] work […] diligently and also as well full of determination on their career.” ” Within many hours […] and months the combo created the perfect basis for independent and productive band work together with their coaches.” “The band has understood how to do it.” “Our tip: keep EJECT in mind!”
18 October 2014, Campus
“[…] a varied young band you shouldn’t miss.”
17 October 2014, Die Glocke
“[…] Departure in a musical future […].” “‘Here we are’ as the first number of their own comes in a rocky garment.”