"Departure into a musical future"

We - Tim (bass), Franzi (vocals), Laura (drums) and Max (guitar) - are EJECT from Gütersloh! The music direction goes to rock, more precisely, indie rock. Music away remote of mainstream. Our motto: More and more, better and better, inspiring the audience and sweeping them away into a world where everything is possible.

2020-2022 - the Corona-years

“Gütersloh band on the road to success”
It couldn’t have gone any better – after the release of our single and the accompanying music video last year and EJECT as the best band in the west on WDR2 in January, we could finally say in february: the release concert for our first own EP, which in retrospect had become a complete success. With specially designed CDs and T-Shirts, we were even able to set up a merchandise stand that was well received by the visitors.
7 more gigs in prospect, we did not know yet that this should be the last concert for a longer period of time. The reason? Corona.
In addition, our singers left the band, who threw additional plans into disarray.

2019 - „The first EP“

“The East-Westphalian quintet devotes itself to a highly melodic rock sound”
The year started with some acoustic gigs, which contributed well to finding new songs.
But our main focus this year was on the preparation of our CD/EP.
All the recordings finished, not only the anticipation for the EP rised continuously, we also became stronger as a band.
Special thanks go to our music producer Stefan Wohlharn (he already played for KC Rebel and Adel Tawil, among others), who always had an open ear for us and our wishes during this time.
Another highlight this year was the music video shooting (with Johann Schindler) of “Thunderstorm”, the title song of our upcoming EP.

2018 - Finally complete

„We go on“
The last two years were marked by many upheavals, but the change in singing acutally should have been the last.
Together we have re-learned our repertoire and captured voices at concerts to better assess our own potential.
Last but not least, we have continued the planning of our studio album and what should we say? The pre-production gives hope for the year 2019 :)

2017 - Always further, one step closer to the aim

„Eject’s strength lies in the diversity of its program“
This year began with another change of vocals and unfortunately ended like this again, too.
In the meantime, however, we have driven our band image as an upcoming up-and-coming band and started planning our first own CD.

2016 - Re-assorted again; the aim of giving our best at all times

„Good mood music with fast rhythms and quite serious lyrics“
Many appearances opened the year 2016 and despite a new change of musicians in singing and drumming it went on. New at our side – Laura, who convinced us with her safety on drums. In September we were allowed to play our biggest concert so far, at the Verler Leben.

2015 - A year with ups and downs

“The aim is to inspire the audience, and to do so in a sustainable way.”
This year we put our focus on composing our own songs in order to develop further and create a basis for upcoming concerts.
The first major upheaval in the band was particularly formative. Two musicians left us and made room for Tim, who made the bass guitar his.
In this, not very easy time, the song Carry on was written, which should give courage to get up again in difficult situations and to continue.

2011 - 2014 From a music school project to EJECT

„a versatile young band that you can’t miss“
November 2011. A band project, coached by teachers, was initiated by the Kreismusikschule Gütersloh. In this time there were always changes of the musicians, except for one constant – Max, which has remained even today of the band.
On May 1st 2014 the first concert with the official band name “EJECT” took place!
Our first own song Here we are and the first big concert at the Verler Restaurant Campus strengthened our decision that it was time to leave the music school and go our own way.