We’re starting up again – here we go at Freitag18!

We have waited a long time to be allowed to play in front of a large audience again. By winning the music award “Sound of 21” we got the chance to do that on May 6th. The occasion was the opening concert of the concert series Freitag18 at the Dreiecksplatz in Gütersloh. After two years of being held in the Parkbad, it was accordingly very well attended on this evening. At the same time it was also the first performance of our new singer Franzi as well as the concert for our new single “Save the world”.

In the run-up some newspaper articles were already published announcing us at the opening concert, e.g. in “die neue Westfälisch”, “die Glocke” as well as the “GT!nfo”, but also in the internet we were represented (Radio Gütersloh and NW). Good weather was predicted on the day of the performance, on which we also appeared early for the set-up – so we could look forward to the concert without any stress. :)
More than the songs we released in 2020 were on our schedule, but also some new ones. Unlike our last performances, this time we didn’t start with an own song. “Funhouse” was the first song on our setlist to heat up the audience right at the beginning and to animate them to clap. The following songs went very well – Franzi’s debut was a success.
Above all, we were happy about the huge audience, which gave us a lot of pleasure for over an hour.
Next stop: Summer festival in Avenwedde-Bahnhof! ;)