What an evening – the rock night 2019!

Full of anticipation, which was reinforced by the previous announcement of the newspaper “Die Glocke”, we went to Avenwedde on 4 October.

The setup was quite simple this time, as the drums had already been provided by one of the following bands.
For us, especially for Laura, first of all a small change, because this was an e-drum set and therefore could be played a bit different than our EJECT-drum set :)
Therefore, only our amps were suitable for performing, not easy, because the stage offered little space.

But then it was showtime! 60 minutes EJECT, a great audience and fun on the stage and in front of the stage. Our latest song “Save the world”, with its message to protect the environment and to avoid plastic bags more consciously, was very well received.

After about an hour playing time and two more encores, we had already arrived at the end.

At this point a big thank you to the team of the Rock Night 2019, for the organization of the performance. We felt very comfortable.