Private party Gütersloh 2014

The private party Gütersloh completed our first concert weekend with the second gig within 24 hours.
This appearance also took place in a neighbourhood as in Rietberg.
It was a surprise gig with a program of 45 minutes and the complete song list of EJECT.

The sound direction was with started despite first doubts (because of the weather) at the most beautiful sunshine under open sky carried out again into our own management.
Our full packed program arrived among the audience very well and asked for two boni.

The surprise gig could be kept secret until the last second and suggested only at the construction of the equipment. This appearance was carried out differently than on the day before with e-guitars and drums. From lack of space we had to move up closer more narrowly than usual. The amplifiers as well as the song boxes also had to be put for the gig close together. All boxes got successful, and due to self-almost building the lack of space, placed and the sound adapted to the surroundings well.
One of the last nice and sunny and warm weekends was used well with this and the previous gig :)

Directly after the weekend we started with the preparations for our biggest concert of the year: the performance in the restaurant Campus.