Private party Rietberg

The private party applies to EJECT as one of the milestones.
Organised by our meanwhile former drummer Laines the neighbourhood was rocked here at a neighbourhood party.
For the first time we played a gig with our own equipment (drums, amplifier) and sound direction of our own management which arrived with the audience very well.
We played the new songs “Girl”, “Decode” and “Down in The past” together with our usual songs. We played in the original band line-up for the first time.

In this evening we played altogether 5 boni to the joy of the hosts. We didn’t have that many songs in our repertoire so we played the boni of our regular repertoire ;) The play time already was here almost a whole hour where no boredom, however, arose.

This gig is also the reason to see for a following concert in the restaurant Campus in Verl.

This gig was special for us since we were accompanied and supported without our coaches for the first time. After this evening we started to rehearsed our first own song “Here we are” and to search for an own rehearsal room.
The first step towards independence