The acoustic open stage 2015

This gig was created from the Acoustic-Session in February and EJECT’s first gig outside from Gütersloh.

The preparation on this gig wasn’t as extensive as before other gigs since three well-known songs were played in this evening, we changed to acoustics guitars and Cajon again, though.
Before EJECT’s appearance we distributed our business cards on the tables to become knower also outward. Some business cards were taken after that so that our future can further be pursued.
Almost a year later we were at “Oelde Akustisch” again.

The Open stage started at 8:00 p. m. We were in third place with “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Vision” and “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”. Of course let the audience us not without a bonus go which brought the appearance of EJECT to the end with “Nobody’s wife”. A highlight was once our own song, “Vision”.
In this evening further artists appeared. The music directions went in all sorts of directions, of trios with pleasant lounge music, up to the individual artist as an atmosphere doer everything was there.
The sound was very good and gave us a positive feeling for the whole evening.
About a year later we played at “Oelde Akustisch” again. We we were invited to play there again within the couple of next years too like 2017 and 2018