The Acoustic Session 2015

Another milestone for us.
We played at the Gütersloh Acoustic session in the brewery in Gütersloh for the second time and kept our promise of the last year to come again.
On this evening the band presented 4 songs, including “Vision”. We had presented the song for the first time during an interview in December last year for. There was a bonus which was asked of the audience under applause. At “Sweet Home Alabama” the audience was co-clapped much. Because of something like that we enjoy being on stage and it gives us the drive to go on :)
After the performance, there were even some opportunities to perform in the future: The gig at the “Oelder Akustik Open Stage” and the gig at “Walbühne Stereo”.

Because EJECT played for the second time at the “Acoustic Session”, we knew the procedure with the construction and the sound check of the first gig after the main act. The time before the gig we used to relax and clear the last details behind the stage. Then it went on stage.

This gig was used to public the own song “Vision” at Youtube.