Verler Leben 2016

The “Baseball-Rockt”-festival at “Verler Leben” was also the farewell concert of our singer Melissa. After 26 EJECT concerts there is then end for her. Many thanks for the great time and the many gigs.
The performance was also advertised in the newspaper. We are listed under live music ;)
The gig on the biggest stage we had played on till now was very exciting for us. Till now, we never had so much space. We could present our new Rollup banner and our Bassdrum there. Our program was for 45 minutes, all own songs were there, too. A new cover song also was there. For her farewell Melissa wanted to sing “Unconditionally” from Katy Perry. Melissa and Max played that song as a little duet of guitar and vocal.

We still remember this concert. Our performance worked very well, our former band members were all there to watch and the audience and the organizers were very satisfied. Verler Leben is very high on the list of our favourite performances ;) We always like to think back to this concert.