EJECT at the music school party of the “Musikschule für den Kreis Gütersloh”

With the songs “Here we are”, “Vision”, “By my side” and the newest “Never leave the best”, we could present four own songs.
However, the version of “Never Leave the best” there differs from the current version. The song at the music school party was played much slower.
On the whole day there was a rock and pop area where we were allowed to play our songs. There was our gig divided up into two parts. We played for the beginning and at the end of the rock and pop presentations. Between this some singers with the piano and drums company sang some pieces.

We played on the studio stage in the theater in Gütersloh, where the play “IxYpsilonZett” was performed at the long night of arts.
The construction consisted of the construction of the guitars and the bass amplifier as well as the sound check merely so that we had dismantled everything open and again within a time of 30 minutes. We were much satisfied with the appearance, above all the audience that was listening to the music.

Afterwards there was a newspaper article.