The Open Stage in Rheda-Wiedenbrück

That was our first performance after the summer break 2015 and Tim’s first concert as the new bassist of EJECT. He replaced Leonard, who had come to watch the band for a last time.

The evening was quite colourfully filled with music. With solo artists on guitar or accordion as well as guitar duos and bands variable occupations were there. We played 5 songs that evening and with “Vision” and “By my side” we also played some own songs. The highlights were “Let it Be”, which was one of six Beatles songs that evening, and our closing song “I Love Rock’n Roll”.
Due to the heat, which was quite strong that day, the audience was sparse. But that didn’t bother us at all, so Tim was able to collect some performance experience in a relaxing way :)

Funfact: During our whole performance the bassdrum slipped further and further to the front. :) Laines had to move everything back again and again, even while playing :D That’s one of the reasons why we remembered this performance so funny.
At the same time the open stage was our last gig of the year. But then in the new year it started really exciting ;)