Youth Club

The acoustic gig at the Youth Club in Kattenstroth in Gütersloh was with acoustics guitars and Cajon.
Despite not too many visitors at the end of the “Open Day”, this afternoon was a complete success and a good start to our first concert weekend with a total of two gigs.
This appearance took place under open sky, with perfect weather to be outside. Our first open air concert ;)
We played the song “Let it Be” of the Beatles for the first time in front of audience. The song arrived very well and is in the repertoire of EJECT since then.

At this gig we organized ourself again and let the experience of the last concert flow in the area of sound check since we were the single band in this afternoon.
A duo consisting of guitar and singing as well as members of the Jugendtreff appeared with further songs, too.
Our playtime amounted half an hour, where we could play our whole acoustic EJECT repertoire.

After this gig we were able to announce the first concert for the coming year. We have been asked to play for the 1st of May and of course we have accepted that. ;) The concert was our 1-year-anniversary concert to the great family day.