The debut of Angelika and Ermina at the music school party 2018

“50 years music school” in Gütersloh. With good sound, great weather and a great audience, the two debutants had a good basis for the concert. In the end, there was good feedback without exception and a lot of praise for the singers.
The official flyer for the anniversary celebration.

Before us was a music school band, which started as a band project just like us.
Our first set started with Here we are and ended with the new rehearsed song “Fallen Leaves”. Even then we had the audience on our side. Since the weather was fine and we performed outside, there were many listeners.

After our set, singers from the music school were singing, accompanied by drums and piano.

Our second set started with EJECT and ended the boni “Down in the past”. New in our repertoire was the song “How you remind me”.
For us a great performance and a great start for our two new singers.
In 2019 there was a new edition of the music school festival. Of course we were there again ;)