Water tower concert 2014

The Water Tower concert in Gütersloh was the starting signal us. The first performance in front of a strange audience. Max already played with the (still nameless) band at this gig. The water tower was fully occupied and the audience was in a good mood. It wasn’t just a performance by us. At this concert also some other bands from Gütersloh and the surrounding area performed, which just started their career, too
Our performance lasted approx. 15 minutes, the complete concert extended for 1.5 hours. From our repertoire the song “Treasure” is the only one to belong to it until today.

This water tower concert was the second concert within two months. In November 2013 we already gave a small concert, which also took place in the water tower. The meanwhile former drummer Laines and Max were already in the band at this time, but this concert was not the first gig of EJECT. They didn’t count this concert as one of EJECT’s first gig since much had retrospectively changed after the gig in the band line-up. Therefore this performance was more like a preview ;)

The Wasserturmkonzert was not yet with the founding line-up. But with Laines, Pascal and Max, the majority of the band was already there.
In March 2017 we again came to the Gütersloh Water Tower for the water tower gig 2017.