Water-tower concert 2017

It was a nice and sunny Sunday with good music in Gütersloh.
EJECT already played in the water tower in Gütersloh for the second time. The band line-up has changed almost completely since then and the songs have got even more since then.

We played 6 own songs and some coversongs and so we gave a 60 minutes concert.
There were two premieres: Gina appeared as a front woman for EJECT the first time and made a good debut. It was a great achievement from her, because she was in the band for less than two months then. Hannah had left the band because of the job and since we already have got many new concerts, including this water-tower concert, we had to find a new singer quickly. With Gina we quickly found what we were looking for and in this short time she learned the songs surprisingly fast.

We presented a new own song “Wo ist die Zeit?” with Laura as a singer. Composed and written by Laura, we can also perform more variably at the concerts. This song arrived in a not full watertower but in a watertower with content spectators well.