The long night of arts

This evening was a special challenge for us, it consisted of altogether three gigs.

At 8 p. m. we played the chapel in the play “IxYpsilonZett” and accompanied the actors in musical form. This took place on the studio stage in the Gütersloh theater and had a playtime of approx 45 minutes.
About 9 p. m. we were less meters further into the water-tower, where we played with acoustics guitar and Cajon about 45 minutes, too.
About 10 p. m. we were to the studio stage with the second performance of the play again.

One month later we were playing at the studio stage again at the music school party.

The long night of arts takes place in Gütersloh one time in the year. The city is always visited well until 0 p. m. and offers all forms of art.
The play “IxYpsilonZett” was rehearsed for two months and demanded uns differently. There were no whole songs played but a small share of a song given suitably for the respective scene by EJECT. We had much fun at this challenge.
In 2016 the “Spielclub” played another play with the band.