The first gig of 2018 at the private party Bargteheide

It was already towards the middle of the year, but better late than never ;) We performed without Angelika and Ermina, who will celebrated their debut at the next gig.
With Laura on the lead vocals we played at a private birthday party in north of Hamburg. The furthest distance for a concert for us so far.

60 minutes of playing time with our own songs, among others “Here we are”, “Vision”, “By my side”, “Carry on”, “Wo ist die Zeit” and “Good Friends”. The set was very well received, the two new songs “Wonderwall” (especially for this birthday) were sung along and a rock version of “Lemon Tree” was even danced along.

After our performance the DJ played until 4 o’clock a.m. In the morning we had to go back to Gütersloh.

It was a great experience for us to play so far away from Gütersloh.
The next week on Sunday we were in full action at the Music School Festival of the “Kreismusikschule Gütersloh”. We started at about 3:50 pm on the theatre square and played again at 5:00 pm for about 20 minutes.
On July 1st we were at the “Citizens brunch” and played for about 30 minutes.