1 year EJECT – the great familyday

This concert was in planning since August/ beginning of September and played a quite special role for us. Because one year before, on May 1st, 2014, the band found her name, EJECT. At the familyday we presented the songs “By my side” (the third own song), “I can’t dance” and “Are you gonna be my girl” the audience for the first time.
With two breaks and altogether 17 titles we gave an approx. three-hour concert.

Before this day a flyer was published with the announcement for EJECT’s gig for the great familyday. The whole equipment came to use here again, too and the sound direction was regulated itself again. The amplifier microphones were used for the first time. Through this the tone of the two guitar amplifiers ran over the big boxes so that the sound was uniform. A new equipment improved our sound and designed the songs different, matching the atmosphere of the song.
In the best weather with sunshine and a well filled festival ground we had a lot of fun with our 1-year jubilee concert at the great family day.

This appearance was used for publishing “By my side” on Youtube.