Acoustic Session

The Acoustic session was the first official concert of the band EJECT founded newly. We chose the name EJECT not even an hour before.
The later announcement of a new founded band named “EJECT” was carried out then.
With the songs “Treasure”, “Sunday Morning” and the new song in the repertoire “Sweet Home Alabama” we hand a good concert with the playtime of 15 minutes.
This gig was the only gig with two singers for a long time. The meanwhile former singer Melissa became the front singer of the band then.

We (at this concert with seventh) still didn’t play in this band line-up long particularly since it was the first live gig with the band for Melissa.
The stage was pretty full as we performed with two singers, two guitarists, a bass player, a keyboard player and Laines on the Cajon.
You didn’t notice the nervousness about the first appearance as EJECT (according to the audience). Nevertheless, could, to the regret to the audience, no bonus are given.
We gave the promise to come back again to join in at the Gütersloh Acoustic session.

The promise was redeemed no whole year later, at the beginning of February 2015, as well as an own song.