The release party for our first own EP!

At the beginning of February the time had finally come – After months full of preparations, efforts, anticipation and a newspaperarticle we were excited. Each of us had his or her own idea of how the evening should go – that your and also our expectations were exceeded in retrospect makes us quite proud.

But back to the beginning. In the days before the release party, our program was rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing.
We packed all instruments, amplifiers and cables in advance, went straight to “Die Weberei” on Friday morning (It was the same location where we played at the MBX-Tour in 2016). Together the setup went quite fast and after a successful soundcheck we had a little refreshment before the audience arrived.
It didn’t take long until the room was well filled and we could start on time.

Altogether we played all our own songs as well as some known cover songs in apporx. 1 ½ hours. Between the songs the audience got an insight into the production of the CDs and the shooting of our first own music video. As a souvenir of this special evening, there was the possibility to buy our EP as well as EJECT T-shirts designed especially for this concert. On request we were even allowed to sign on the T-shirts after the concert :)

We were particularly pleased with the good mood of the more than 100 spectators and the consistently positive feedback after the performance.

At this point we would like to thank “die Weberei” Gütersloh, for the location and the beverage service, Rolf, for the light on stage, and Stefan, who recorded our EP and mixed us this evening as well.

Last but not least of course a big thank you to you! Thanks for supporting us and making the release party an unforgettable memory for us :)