Our performance in the disco “Stereo” in Bielefeld on the “Waldbühne”

At 9 p. m. we had the soundcheck and at 2 a. m. the concert in the full discotheque. The time between soundcheck and the gig was also exciting for us, after all there were about 5 hours in between.
We had our own backstage room, but we could also move freely in the Stereo and outside too. But we rested as much as possible (we still had something to do :)) and talked very good with our sound engineer.

With 90 minutes playing time we played our whole repertoire. Songs like “Let it Be”, “Are you gonna be my girl” or “I Love Rock’n Roll” were well received. But also with the own songs the dance floor was very filled. The manager told us at the end that the dance floor was empty before our performance and suddenly filled up much when we started playing our first song.

It was the second performance on this long concert weekend. With our complete equipment we played among others our own songs “Never leave the best” and “By my side”. We played our new EJECT-Intro there too.