The Rock on the beach Contest

The third gig in Bielefeld within only two weeks!
30 minutes of EJECT songs in the “Hechelei” in the “Ravensberger Park”. Again with the own songs “Here we are”, “By my side” and “Never leave the best” as well as the EJECT-Intro were part of it. Additionally there were cover versions of “Funhouse” and “Sweet Home Alabama”.We had our own backstage room above the stage and we could see the gigs of the other bands there. So we could see the gigs again from a different point of view ;)

Unfortunately we don’t perform at the festival, but still had a lot of fun. The Rock on the beach Contest 2016 was represented by many metal bands and some punk bands. Nevertheless we as a rock band gave our very best and got a lot of praise for it, even if it wasn’t the music style of the evening :)
For Laines the EJECT time slowly came to an end. So he could really enjoy his last gigs again and got (although not planned;)) a drum solo at "Never leave the best”;.

Many gigs with a lot of fun in the last weeks, then it can go on like this for us, right? :D
By the way, the performance was even advertised in the newspaper.