The gig in the restaurant Campus

It resulted from the private party in Rietberg.
In the preparation for this concert the operators switched a newspaper advertisement (The online article) and advertised the concert with selfmade posters.
We also received our own EJECT T-Shirts, which are still worn at shows :)

The gig lasted for 90 minutes, we gave 4 boni and introduced the newly well-adjusted songs “Hurt” and “Knockin’ on Heavens Door” in the version of Guns’n Roses.
In addition, there was a premiere. Our first own song “Here we are” was introduced to the audience. The song is about to play music and what you can reach with that.

This concert was a great highlight for EJECT in the year 2014 with a much new equipment (A new guitar for Pascal and a new drumset for Laines).

This was the first public concert with EJECT as a band where they were announced by advertising. We prepared for it long and was very satisfied with the complete evening in the end.
Business card which we had prepared specifically were distributed in the Campus before the gig. These contain the logo, the Facebook address, the mail address and a phone number to the reach for us.