Oelde acoustic 2016

The concert year 2016 started with our second performance at Oelde acoustic. Unlike last year’s performance in the Alte Post, this time we were four people in a line-up. So Tim was able to play an acoustic premiere for EJECT at his second performance. It won’t be the last time that we played with a changing line-up in Oelde:)

It was another pleasant event. This time there was apparently a new colorful lighting system, which threw a few colorful patterns on the background. With our own songs “Vision” and “By my side” we had an already acoustically known song and a new acoustic song in our repertoire. We had a lot of fun with the cover song “Girl” and we saw this as a small test for the gigs at the end of February. The start was at 8 p. m. and there were many great musicians in different formations again, from single musicians to the multi-member band. A good evening with good music and a great start into the new year for us :)

After the gig we were already looking forward to the next sessions in Oelde. In 2017 and 2018 we were allowed to perform there again :)