Oelde acoustic 2017

It was the third time Oelde acoustic took place together with EJECT. We participated in 2015, in 2016 and at oelde acoustic 2017. We have enjoyed it very much, we feel always well kept up in Oelde. The audience is incredibly, mostly at about the 50 people, therefore even more concentrated specialized knowledge :)

The whole event was fantastic, thanks to the great musicians. We presented four songs included one of our own songs Carry on.
The audience liked it, we had many positive reactions. So we can keep on going withe even more songs ;)

So far we had three gigs in Oelde, three times in different line-ups. We always feel at home there and look forward to the performances. For Gina and Laura it was their first gig in Oelde. Tim was there for the second time and Max for the third time. Also in 2018, a year later, we were playing there again and once again in a different line-up ;)
It wasn’t clear to us at that time, but Gina left the band about 2 months after this gig in Oelde. This brought her to a total of 7 EJECT concerts.