Mukke 2016

It was the first gig in this band line-up for us and went in the Gütersloh ‘Weberei’ approx. 60 minutes. Our new drummer Laura did a very good job and played with Rhythm and sense of tact.

The evening started with a self-written play of the theater club of the municipal high school in Gütersloh. Our gig was carried out into our own management of the sound and contained our songs “Here we are”, “By my side”, “Vision”, and “Never leave the best”, which were praised by the audience lastingly, too.
It was a filled evening and gives us a positive sense of the next gigs.

Normally there was a sound engineer who provided the PA and mixed the bands. At Mai Mukke, however, the standard sound engineer wasn’t available. Then we took our speakers with us and set up everything ourselves, wired it up and mixed it. It all worked out great. But the theatre group needed the complete stage before us, we could only set up our equipment directly before our gig. But even that worked without any problems. We could set up everything in another room and carry it on stage for our gig :)
The announcement for Mukke.