First appearance after Corona at the “IHK Bestenehrung 2021”!

For 20 months, almost to the day, we waited for a performance. Then the time had finally come – EJECT live at the IHK Bestenehrung 2021!
The occasion was the awarding of the most successful apprenticeship graduates in the chamber district of the IHK Ostwestfalen zu Bielefeld. Our task was to provide musical accompaniment between various interviews and the presentation of certificates.

For the performance we needed our complete equipment, which we brought to the Ravensberger Spinnerei in Bielefeld on the day of the event (October 5). Due to many construction sites in the region, our little adventure already started with the car ride. We had just under two hours to set up everything and do the sound check before we started.
We started with our new cover song “Mamma Mia”, followed by “Thunderstorm” that was well incorporated by the presenters during the certificate presentation that followed. We continued with the also new cover song “Summer of ’69” as well as our own “Save the world”. This filled just under 15 minutes of the event, which lasted 90 minutes in total.

We were especially pleased with the consistently positive feedback from the organizers and hope to be able to perform at further events.

The IHK has also created a YouTube video of the event (language in German)