This is a concert series in Gütersloh, from May until September, which takes place every Friday from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m. The “Dreiecksplatz” of Gütersloh becomes a venue for several hundred people to start the weekend with music and arts. The weather was great, even if it was very warm in the sun for the soundchek. At the beginning of the concert the stage was in the shade.
This time we took part and rocked the Dreiecksplatz!
There were announcements in the newspapers Neuen Westfälischen and “die Glocke”.

Freitag18 was shared by 2 gigs there. The pianist and singer EDLER played the first half hour. We have rocked for the audience the second half hour.
We only have played our rock and fast songs, we could show to a large and mixed audience our music and present EJECT.
Gina had her second gig confidently (with a little cold) and we already look forward to our next concerts. In addition, we also could gain experience in front of a large audience: The larger the audience, the more clapped at our songs ;)

Our next great task already lines up soon. We play at Parkbad in Gütersloh at the “Pool Position” on June 10th.