EJECT – Martini Gänsemarkt

Gänsemarkt Sendenhorst Artikelbild

The Martini Gänsemarkt

On Sunday, November 10th it was time again for – EJECT live!
For the third time this year we went to the beautiful Sendenhorst, this time on the annual “Martini Gänsemarkt” market. We played without Laura at the Cajon, nevertheless we were looking forward to a great afternoon.

We arrived at the first location, our acoustic set was quickly set up and we could start with the planned EJECT-repertoire. Almost all own songs as well as some well-known covers were included. At the beginning a bit unusual without a given rhythm, but Max and Tim did their best to represent Laura in the best possible way :) With 8 degrees and the sun behind us, we got some applause. Many families with children stopped to listen to the music, which again covered all the different facets of our repertoire.

Almost 90 minutes, a lot of fun and a warming cocoa later, we went on to the second location.
In spite of the icy weather, cold fingers and cold feet we gave our very best. With the coming darkness the city slowly became emptier, but nevertheless there was still an audience that we could inspire with our music :)
A great challenge at these temperatures, which once again was a lot of fun for us.