The MBX Bandtour 2016

The first little tour for us. Within three weeks three gigs in three towns. We could get cracking with new band line-up and a new song freshly and motivated.

The MBX tour started at 29 October in Bad Salzuflen. We gave a 120 minutes concert with the bands “Quiet Cowtone” and “Blue Sunflower”.
Quiet Cowtone started the concert. We played at SPH-Bandcontest and at the Rock on the Beach-Contest with them. They played a mix of Bluesrock and a bit instrumental music.
Blue Sunflower played Jazz/Funk.
Hannah’s first gig was a total success and the second voice of Max also arrived well. Our new opening song “EJECT” was a highlight for us.
The stage turned out a little smaller in Minden on 5 November, we nevertheless had fun. In front a little podium was made use by Tim well when he played his Intro at “By my side”.

Before the Gütersloh concert there were some newspaper articles.
There was party atmosphere in Gütersloh. About 100 spectators made the concert to a great experience. We even got roses and were thrown at cuddling animals. The atmosphere was really good, it was partly even sung and clapped much. There was Carry on a second time at the end, because without a second bonus we couldn’t leave this party.
It was a complete success for us. We could gain new experience, get to know new bands and earning us for the band cash box a little ;)