EJECT – Musicians

The musicians of EJECT

Angelika (vocal)
Ermina (vocal)
Laura (drums)
Max (guitar)
Tim (bass guitar)

Name: Angelika
EJECT: Vocal
In the band since: March 2018
Further instruments: Keyboard
Influences: Nickelback, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, Virginia to Vegas, Fith Harmony, Paramore
Music style: Popmusic, Classic Rock
Favorite song from the repertoire of EJECT: “Carry on”
Equipment: Shure SM 58 LC

What Angelika does outside the band:

“I am a schoolgirl and will reach my vocational extension certificate next year.
A life without music is hardly imaginable for me. It inspires me over and over again and plays therefore a very big part in my life.
Singing accompanies me everywhere in my free time. For this reason it is important to me to master the songs as well as possible and to always give my best.
Besides music I like to try out new and different handicraft forms. I look forward to further adventures with EJECT.”

Name: Ermina
EJECT: Vocal
In the band since: March 2018

Equipment: Shure SM 58 LC

Laura Musician EJECT

Name: Laura
EJECT: Drums, Guitar, Vocals
In the band since: April 2016
Further instruments: Keyboard, Organ
Influences: The Beatles, Sabaton, Green day, Pan!c at the Disco, Status Quo, Disturbed, Red hot Chili Pepper
Music style: Rock
Favorite song from the repertoire of EJECT: “Never leave the best”
Equipment: Bass Drum 18″ x 16″ | Tom Tom 10″ x 08″ & 12″ x 09″ | Stand Tom 14″ x 14″ | Snare Drum 14″ x 5,5″| Paiste PST7 Hi-Hat 14″ | Paiste PST7 Crash 14″ & 16″ | Paiste PST7 Ride 38″ 20″

What Laura does outside the band:

“I have taken my subject abitur in summer 2016. My education then has started as a qualified employee for store logistics in August 2016. Besides the music I play handball at SG Neuenkirchen-Varensell. The music means very much to me. There isn’t any moment at which I don’t listen to any music. When I am at home, I like to play the guitar.
I look forward to the further time very much at EJECT and am curious, what is coming :)”

Max Musician EJECT

Name: Max
EJECT: Guitar, Vocal, Drums
In the band since: November 2011 (as a musicschool-projekt, since May 2014 “EJECT”)
Further instruments: accordion, Cajon, Bass guitar, Keyboard
Influences: ACDC, Bryan Adams, Maroon 5, Pur, Queen, Schürzenjäger, Steel Panther
Music style: Classic Rock
Favorite song from the repertoire of EJECT: “Carry on”
Equipment: Duesenberg Starplayer TV Blue Sparkle | Gibson SG, Martin Akustik Gitarre | Hughes&Kettner Tubemeister 36 | Palmer 1×12 Gitarrenbox | Line6 Pod HD500X | Shure SM 58 LC

What Max does outside the band:

“Music is my life. Therefore, this is a main emphasis in my life, because without music goes nothing for me. I can further feel enthusiastic about technical work, such as computer support (my finished education). Another task which is long-term and very exciting for me is the homepage, which I have prepared and furthermore keep in good condition from the beginning. Sports is a small side point in my leisure time.
My aim goes in the direction of the perfection. Identical whether it concerns the songs, the band promotion or the organization for our gigs.”

Tim Musician EJECT

Name: Tim
EJECT: Bassguitar
In the band since: June 2015
Further instruments: Acoustic Guitar
Influences: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Green Day, Billy Talent, Slayer
Music style: Classic Rock, Popmusic, Metal
Favorite song from the repertoire of EJECT: “Vision”
Equipment: Ibanez SR305-IPT | Fender Squier Precision | Harley Benton HB 116B MKII

What Tim does outside the band:

“I have finished my education to the motor vehicle Mechatroniker in January successfully. In addition, I like to do sports, meet with friends and go with pleasure on festivals, to enlarge my musical horizon.”

Former members:

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